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Formulize 5.0

Formulize 5.0 is the latest version, under active development. (Documentation still says 4.02 on it, since there's been no change to docs since that version, yet.) This is a release candidate, and may still have some issues. If you want the most stable experience, use Formulize 4.

How do I get started?


GitHub Repos

We have setup several repositories on GitHub for the various packages of the Formulize project:

Fork and Pull

We are following github flow to ensure the stability of the master branch.

If you want to modify something in Formulize, please fork it on GitHub, and then make your changes, and then initiate a pull request so we can review the code and merge it into the master. Better yet, let us know what you're thinking through the forums and maybe there's a way to do what you want already, or we can help you figure out where/how to make the change.

GitHub Client Software

GitHub provides some nice software that makes it easy to interact with the repos:

Commits Mailing List

Formulize 4

Formulize 3.12 and Related Files

Formulize 3 is out of date now. But it is still available here for users of older versions of XOOPS or ImpressCMS.

There are also a few other modules for XOOPS and ImpressCMS that we have released over the years and they were last updated during the Formulize 3 release cycle, so they are available here.