2.0 release was missing one important file!

Must be time for a vacation...since I left out a key template file from the 2.0 release! modules/system/tempalates/system_userinfo.html

If you re-download the 2.0 release, you will find this file in the core patches folder. To get it to work in your site, you will probably have to update your System module.

The readme has been updated with details.




RE: 2.0 release was missing one important fil

Great module!

I have one problem to report. When I request a users profile in anonymous mode, I get a page that says "Sorry, you don't have permission to access this area." If I log in, then everything is fine.

I am using a formulize form with 2 items on it to supplement the basic user data. This occurs with and without using the formulize form (i.e., even when it is turned off).

1. I have verified that webmasters (all permissions), registered users, and anonymous users, have view_form, add_own_entry, and update_own_entry permissions for the formulize form.
2. There are no general xoops user permissions I have overlooked that I can determine.

This module was a great move (and a really smart one). I bet there are a lot of xoops users that will move to formulize just to be able to do what you are doing here with this module!


RE: anonymous access to profile info

Thanks for the kudos David, it is much appreciated.

It is by design that only logged in users can view profile info -- this is a bias based on the kind of sites we create, which generally have zero content exposed for anonymous users (all they can do is login, that's all).

So for security and privacy reasons, we shut off anonymous access to the profile info. It's hard coded into the user.php file I believe.

But it could be made a config option in the module without much difficulty. We'll see about adding that.

I agree that this feature would be of significant value to many users who otherwise have no need for Formulize (or any form module). Unfortunately, this and especially Formulize are not really friendly modules for non-techies. Formulize needs more docs and an administration side interface overhaul (I want to merge all the Pageworks functionality into Formulize natively as well).

In some ways, Formulize or something like this could become a generic forms service available to other modules. I feel some need to get involved with the XOOPS core dev team to help drive something like that. But there are a lot of client needs that keep demanding more of my time than anything else.

But you can see what I am talking about by seeing the addition we made to the 3.1 RC release of WF-Downloads:



RE: 2.0 release was missing one important fil

Very cool! Thanks for answering my questions. I will probably come up with a short term hack just to allow access. If I develop some "option" code that is useful I will pass it along.

RE: 2.0 release was missing one important fil

FYI: along with the upcoming patch/release of Formulize will be updated versions of everything we maintain, including reg_codes, and the new reg_codes does include this as a config option.

To hack it in the meantime, there's a line near the top that is something like...

$xoopsUser or redirect_header(_NO_PERM);

Just delete or comment that line.

The reason/need for the major re-release of everything is that we have (finally) changed the legacy datatable names from form_ to formulize_ to eliminate conflict with Formulaire. That has a massive ripple effect all over the place (which is why we've put it off this long).


RE: 2.0 release was missing one important fil

I am looking forward to upgrading to the new release which I see is posted.

About the hack...

I commented out the line above, but then I ran into a problem. I discovered that there were identical procedures that were being defined by both Formulize and Pageworks. I am pretty sure the reason I ran into this problem is because I am using the latest release of Formulize 2.0.6 but not Pageworks. I had a few problems there which I suspect is also because of the problems I created for myself when I deleted some groups.

To make a long story short. Everything works, I'm having a few self inflicted problems which are resolvable that I am working on.

Now that the new module is out, I will upgrade there and then hash out the damage that I did by restructuring groups. Then, I will start poking around with the anonymous coding and I will let you know how far I get.

In the mean time, I also commented out the entire section in the formulize version of userinfo.php (in the root folder) until all is resolved.

Thanks for your help.

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There are some files that are called by include_once lines in Formulize and Pageworks, but that shouldn't cause a problem, since if they are already included, they won't be again.

Upgrade to the 2.1 series and then see if there's still an issue and we will investigate. We have been running 2.1 on a couple sites since the weekend without known issues thus far.

Anonymous access is now a configuration issue in Registration Codes 2.1, so that should make your life easier.


RE: 2.0 release was missing one important fil

I upgraded... all is well! :)