Blank Form Entry Page

First, I apologize if this is a duplicate post, but I wasn't able to find the exact problem I seem to be encountering in any existing topics.

I've installed Formulize 2.2 RC1 on my Xoops site running Xoops ver. 2.0.15. I've created a form, added a bunch of elements, and made sure they are set to display. Then I went in and added all permissions to the group I'm in (also tried giving all permissions to all groups as part of my troubleshooting). I bring up the form menu and click on "Add One Entry". This of course opens a new page, which I assume should display the form and it's elements for people to fill out and submit an entry. However, this new page is always completely blank. I've seen other posts referencing a Xoops 2.0.15 patch for the form.php, but none of those posts provide a link to the patch and despite my best efforts, I've been unable to locate the patch to download. Could someone please respond with a direct link to the page where I can download this patch? Also, is there anything else I should check/overlooked in this process which may be the cause of my problems?

Thank you


RE: Blank Form Entry Page

I believe you can get that file here:*checkout*/xoops/XoopsCore/branches/2....

An upgrade to 2.0.16 is probably a good idea, but if not, hopefully that file work for you.

Does that fix the issue?