Condition with handle number instead of text


Back to Formulize with a lot of pleasure. I've created last year a decisional tree, ( with (like Julian proposed me 5 years ago) some conditions for displaying other elements in "Only display the element in the form if the entry being edited meets these conditions:".

That is working well. But now, in order to make some updates, I should change the choice in the first scrolling menu.
for example when you check "Douleurs" & "Blocages" on the first page, the second will load with a scrolling menu, with this text "Douleurs et Blocages". I want to change it in "Limitations et Blocages"

Then, all the conditions who depends on it won't be met, and the following page won't work. I supposed I had to change all of them with the hand.
Problem, it's a long and boring work. I supposed that the conditions are saved with the text in the database. Why the conditions wouldn't be saved with the handle number of element?



Because sometimes we make really, really dumb mistakes

Hello! Thanks for the post Francois, we have run into this a few times over the years including very recently. It's a mistake that the handle is used and not the element id number. We have some new students working on Formulize this term, and I will ask one of them to fix this particular issue.