The Current Status of Formulize

Hello Julian and Team,

We know you have been working hard on Formulize module to make it one of the greatest module. Personally I have used it to build some apps in the past. I love formulize. However myself and am pretty sure the rest of the community is waiting to hear about the status of formulize and when are we expecting a release of this great module.

We would like to help with testing but want to know which areas to look for.

Thank you.



Slowly but surely!


So as you can guess from the delay...things aren't going fast. But they are going, as you can see in the commit history in GitHub. We have a new group of students starting in September through the UCOSP program (, which has been going strong for two years now.

We continue to have ongoing Formulize projects at Freeform, with two of our staff (one besides me) focused on that work almost exclusively. I will be scaling back my work in the Fall, hopefully to focus more exclusively on Formulize.

The latest really exciting thing is the continuous integration process we've worked up with Travis and Sauce Labs, to help ensure quality, and in theory, a faster release cycle. Version 5 should be considered the top of the line version at this point, and I want to get a 5.1 final out next, that incorporates all the latest features.

The neatest one lately, that I'm pretty psyched about, is what we call the one-to-one live swap. Imageine you have two forms that are in a one-to-one relationship, such as a master contact list and an order profile form. You want the contact information for a person to be added to the order profile automatically when you select their name in the order.

What this feature does, is it pulls in the record for that person from the master contact form dynamically, as soon as you select the key value in the linked field in the order profile. ie: you probably have an autocomplete or dropdown list of people, and so you just pick the right person, and the other fields from the linked form just appear in the form with the right values, the same way that conditional elements work.

Best of all, you can type in a completely new person in an autocomplete box that accepts new values, and then you can type in their contact info into the blank elements in the form, and they will be saved automatically with that person's master contact record.

It's pretty sweet, for the situations where it's applicable.

The biggest challenge with Formulize continues to be making it evident what the features/capabilities are and how to use them. We have worked up a new documentation system based on GitHub pages, that will incorporate docs into the master codebase, which will hopefully make it easier to keep track of features, and explain them, since the wiki and other sources are simply not very sustainable.

What are you doing with Formulize at the moment? We'd love to have input from other users to figure out what the roadmap should be for the next little while. I would love to overhaul the export/import of applications which exists in beta right now, but needs to be made more dynamic to support data schema changes as we add new features.


Re: testing...Selenium Builder is the key

About the latest commits in GitHub, there is a folder with Selenium 2 tests. You can run those locally yourself if you install Selenium Builder in Firefox.

This is the way we're going with testing. We want to automate testing of everything, so we can exercise the entire codebase to ensure changes don't break older things. But we need good test coverage of course! Same problem as in all testing approaches. So checkout Selenium Builder and this page in our new docs system about creating tests:


Oh yes, and mobile....and WordPress...

We also have an iOS and Android app, that need to be pushed through the god awful app store processes. But they do exist and they work! Point them at the URL for one or more Formulize installations, and get Formulize on your mobile device in an easy to use package. We're working on mobile templates to make it easier to use in that form factor.

But maybe even more addition to Drupal integration, we have modules ready for WordPress and Joomla integration. They exist in GitHub. We need to polish and release. If anyone wants to deploy Formulize inside those systems, you can help get it out the door. Single sign-on and embedding inside exists!


unable to create new entries

Hello Julian,

I am trying to test the formulize version as suggested on the above posted link but am unable to create new entries when I click the save button, nothing happens. I am testing on the latest version of xoops.

Any solution is welcome

Test creating new entries

Hi btesec,

I have tested creating a new entry with XOOPS 2.5.6 (which I already had installed), and the modules/Formulize folder from github. That worked. Should I install and test with XOOPS 2.5.7 instead? Do you get any error on the page or in the error log when trying to create entries?