Custom Notifications Stopped Working

I recently upgraded a site from ImpressCMS 1.2.8 to 1.3.7, and there are a few things of note:

* When utitilizing PDO as the db driver, Formulize does not display any records. It all depends on the version of PHP in use. I think the biggest culprit is the use of mysql_real_escape_string. If PDO is in use, there is no MySQL connection available for the mysql_* functions to use, so it fails. Switching to mysql as the driver gets around this for now.

I notice you've worked around this in 5.0

* Now my biggest dilemma - custom notifications are not working, even under mysql. I've tried all sorts of things - removing and recreating the notification, changing templates for the notification, declaring additional globals, changing sendNotificationToEmail(), modifying the groupperm Handler to return all groups on subsequent calls, changing the system notification settings for the module, but none of those worked.

I get a notification, but it is the default template and subject, as defined in xoops_version.php.

How and where are you overriding the system notifications? I thought it was in sendNotifications(), but that doesn't seem to be it.

Any help would be appreciated.


[Resolved]Custom Notifications Stopped Working

I've been doing more work on this - it seems they weren't completely broken. If I specified the notification to go to an email address from one of the fields, it did use the custom template and subject.

This led me down the path to check how the core notifications were working and to the changes in Formulize 5.0. Instead of assigning the custom template and subject to normal variables, they are assigned to $GLOBAL variables in sendNotifications() and then the notification templates are overridden in xoops_version.php. Adjusting formulize/xoops_version.php and formulize/include/functions.php did the trick.

[Solution]Custom Notifications Stopped Working

The actual changes I made were ones I found in the 5.0 code. I wasn't able to post the lines of code because Mollom blocked me.

In xoops_version.php, the last lines to add the globals for the notification template and subject overrides; and in formulize/include/functions.php the corresponding lines that used those globals in sendNotifications()