Database Patch message for Formulize 5 Module always remains.

I noticed when I installed 'Formulize' as a module in ImpressCMS, that when you go to the "Modules > Forms" page (modules/formulize/admin/ui.php), you will always see the message:

Your database structure is not up to date! Click the button to apply the necessary path to the database....

Clicking the button attempts the patch - but it's already installed! Clicking "Close" brings you to "modules/formulize/admin/" and a blank page.
In fact, whenever you click "Close" on any of the Forms pages where the "Close" appears for the patch, it redirects you to a blank page -> which looks bad from a user perspective; that's why I wanted to put it in as a bug.

I reproduced on my home ubuntu VM machine and also in the screen capture on my test "" site that I created to test it out in real life.
let me know if you need to access that to see it.


Can't find Fomulize Module 4.06

When I use this link:

even though there is a link to the 4.06 module, it's actually linking to "".

Edit: This is the right file. When I unzipped it, it had an 'htdocs' folder so I thiught it was also a Standalone install. Actually, the zip file should have it called 'formulize' instead, otherwise when you install in ImpressCMS, it doesn't install correctly.