Default values


Is there a way to get the default value for new fields in the registration form to pull from the database when the user goes into edit? (Such as it says for {fieldname} for some of the fields.)

As it is now, if it's a required field, they have to re-enter each one any time the edit their profile.




RE: Default values


There is no way to to that in 2.1, but in the forthcoming 2.2 it is possible to create dynamic default values by using PHP code to generate the default. Your PHP code can grab stuff from the DB as necessary.


Version 2.2? WHEN? Please.... :)

I keep seeing posts of ver 2.2 will be available soo... anyidea on just how soon as it is sounding like a real application with balls.

RE: Version 2.2? WHEN? Please.... :)

It's not an official date, but I would like to have it out by the end of September.

There is another awesome feature now in for Reg Codes users: you can upload new entries to the profile form and batch create accounts that way. So you need to add 100 users to your site, and you have all their info in a problem, upload and you're done, accounts created and everything. :-)