Edit an entry on a new page (Blank)


Folllowing the previous post, I need to keep the screen under the user's view, while editing his entry.
The form to complete, should open on a new blank page or a new tab.
I've created a custom button to make this happen displaying on each lines, with the code below, but it doesn't work (nothing is opening)
global $formulize_thisEntryId;
header("location: ".XOOPS_URL."/modules/formulize/index.php?fid=6&ve=$formulize_thisEntryId");

Where is the mistake, and how make the forms display already on the 2nd page?

After reading some lines of the php developers document,
(not understand everything...it's in english :-) ) I've found this function to display how many entries are to complete but unfortunately I might be wrong
$data = getData("", 6, "", "AND", "creation_uid/**/" . $xoopsUser->getVar('uid') . "/**/==");
print "You've to update: ".$GLOBALS['formulize_countMasterResults'];

Thanks for your precious help.


Maybe with javascript

Hello Francois,

You may be able to accomplish what you want with javascript. The header command is probably failing because some html has already started to be added to the page by the time the header command is run, and it can only be run if the contents for the page have yet to be started.

You could try replacing it with some javascript:

print "<script type='text/javascript'>window.location.href='".XOOPS_URL."/modules/formulize/index.php?fid=6&ve=$formulize_thisEntryId';</script>";

That will cause the browser to load the page and then immediately reload with the URL you want. Very hacky, ugly, but might appear almost normal to users if the browser is quick about it.

For the count of entries, yes, that constant should tell you what you need.