Error in SQL dump - Anyone seen this?

Hi all.
Stuff: xoops 2.016, Protector 2.52, DMS 1.87, formulize 2.2, pageworks 2.2, reg codes 2.2, php 4.3 linux server.

I went through all of the installs pretty easily til I got to:
When I select "update database" I get the following error message:

Error adding instant and redirect fields to DB. SQL dump: ALTER TABLE mydbprefix_reg_codes ADD reg_codes_instant tinyint(1)

Dang! and all was going so well.

So can anyone point me to the best solution? Should I uninstall/reinstall reg codes or try to manually update the data base? or maybe a better solution?

Thanks for any help in advance,



RE: Error in SQL dump - Anyone seen this?

Hello, sorry you've had trouble. Are you doing a fresh install or an upgrade from 2.1? The patch22 step is only necessary when upgrading.

Also, the patch22 step will fail, I believe, if you have no registration codes currently set up. So if you are upgrading, but have no registration codes currently, then you should replace the current reg_codes files on your server with the 2.1 versions of the files, create a registration code, and then re-upload the 2.2 files, and then do the patch22 step.

Does this help?