Fatal error on 2.0.14 with php 5

I'm trying Registration Codes (with Formulize) 2.1 RC1 on a fresh installation of XOOPS 2.0.14 with php 5.1.1.
(I've edited edituser.php manually to match 2.0.14, as far as I could find differences with 2.0.13)

It works when registering new administrators. However, it doesn't work when registering other usergroups (which is what I want, of course ;) )
When a user has entered his registration code, he gets a blank page:

Fatal error: Call to a member function addElement() on a non-object in /[irrelevant path]/modules/formulize/include/formdisplay.php on line 545

Non-admins get the same error when they click Edit Account. However, the almost blank page shows only:

Profile »» Edit Profile

where the first 'Profile' is a link to userinfo.php.

I don't know whether this is caused by 2.0.14 or php5.
Does someone know how to solve this?


RE: Fatal error on 2.0.14 with php 5

Hello, I believe this error is caused by not having given registered users and/or anonymous users view_form and add_own_entry and update_own_entry permission in Formulize for the form that is being used as the user profile form.

Also, you should make sure that you have updated the Formulize module and then selected the form that you're using as the user profile form on the preferences screen for Formulize.

Does this solve the issue?


RE: Fatal error on 2.0.14 with php 5

Oh, I should mention also that this could simply be a 2.0.14 or php5 compatibility issue. We ourselves do not yet use either of them. But I think the issues in my previous post may solve the issue, since similar things have happened in other installations.


RE: Fatal error on 2.0.14 with php 5

I don't use a custom form for the registration process, so I can't give permissions. The list of forms is empty.
So that's not the problem.
Unless it's necessary to make at least one form?

RE: Fatal error on 2.0.14 with php 5

Apparently it's indeed necessary to make a form.
I've made a form, don't use it, but the problems have gone (so far).
I think it's strange...