Form field with editor capability

I managed to migrate from SmartProfile to Formulize in one evening. Without serious obstacles. So, thanks for the good work!

I may have overlooked it, or search in the wrong places. But, it is possible to define form elements (like textarea) with editor capabilities? Like DHTML, Koivi or whatsoever? For now I (and the users of my website) can only insert plain text in the forms. I also defined a textbox in the registration form which has to contain an URL. When I view this textbox in the users' profile, this field is not 'linkable'. How can this be done?

Thanks, Martin.


RE: Form field with editor capability

Hi there, glad to hear the migration was a success!

So a couple issues here:

1. Editors...I believe this is a XOOPS-wide feature. You can define which editor you would like to use and it will be effective across your whole site I believe. Not sure. Look up the xoopseditors projecct on this website if you want more info.

2. Making textbox entries into links when displayed in the profile. This would be a change to the userinfo.php file in the root of your XOOPS installation. You would need to change the line around 170, which looks like this:

$formulize_profile[$indexer]['values'][] = $value;

Change it to this:

$myts =& MyTextSanitizer::getInstance();
$formulize_profile[$indexer]['values'][] = $myts->makeClickable($value);

That should do it. Good luck,