Form Gone

Well, was all ready to go ahead and use my new reg form, but it's gone. I'm also getting an error: "Erreur SQL !

Table 'capro_xoops.xoops_formulize_id' doesn't exist" when I try to create a new form. I can uninstall and reinstall, but then I'll lose all that work on the form.

And, I'd like to know what happened. Any idease on what could cause this? I do have another webmaster user. Could she have done something?

There is a xoops_form_id table which seems to have the info. Was this a version change or something?

Help, help, help....



RE: Form Gone

FYI. I'm uninstalling the whole thing and starting over. Here's what I got in uninstalling:

ERROR: Could not drop table xoops_formulize.
ERROR: Could not drop table xoops_formulize_id.
ERROR: Could not drop table xoops_formulize_menu.
ERROR: Could not drop table xoops_formulize_form.
ERROR: Could not drop table xoops_formulize_reports.

Any ideas how these tables could disappear?

RE: Form Gone

Anyway, figured I might not get help until the weekday, so ended up removing and starting over and working now. But still quite curious how those tables disappeared.

RE: Form Gone


I'd bet good money that you didn't apply the database patch when upgrading to 2.1 RC1. If you were upgrading from a previous install, there is an important step outlined in the readme where you apply a database patch which changes a bunch of things including the names of those tables.

So check the readme, do that step if necessary and see if it works.


RE: Form Gone

Oh...I didn't see your third message when I replied above. I guess it was "below the fold" on my monitor at the time. Anyway, yes it would be working from a fresh install since the database stuff gets setup correctly that way without needing to patch.


RE: Form Gone

Thanks; I really appreciate your reply and will know now in case I do the same thing (or if someone else on the list does). I guess that was probably it. All working now.