Forms menu shows "There are no forms currently available."

I'm using ImpressCMS with "Formulize_Module_5.0_RC1" and went through the Video Tutorials to setup the Rangers/Volunteers/Supervisors and Wildlife Forms exactly as per the Tutorial.

When I log in as "any" of the users (even webmaster), and click on the Left menu "Forms", it only shows "There are no forms currently available.", and no one can actually submit a Form. I could do it as a Webmaster as a proxy, but that appears not to save in the database.

Any suggestions?


Sounds very odd

Hello Alvin,

This sounds very odd, and most likely a permission issue, if a regular user does not have permission to view the form then the forms won't show up in the menu.

We would need to step through a few things in your installation to double check what's up. The steps and processes in the video tutorials do work, they are followed each school term by new computer science students learning about Formulize before they help us for credit. So I can only assume some step in the setup of the forms was missed.

Sorry I can't be more specific, but hopefully the permission issue is the key.