Formulize Standalone 5.0 RC1 Install Issues

How do I proceed to Install Formulize 5.0 RC1 after I get the following Notice and Error messages:

Notice: Use of undefined constant XOOPS_DB_TYPE - assumed 'XOOPS_DB_TYPE' in /var/www/html/formulize/libraries/icms/db/legacy/Factory.php on line 64

Fatal error: Class 'icms_db_legacy_XOOPS_DB_TYPE_Safe' not found in /var/www/html/formulize/libraries/icms/db/legacy/Factory.php on line 68

This occurs right at the Tables Creation part of installer.


re: Formulize 5.0 RC1 install issues

Alvin - now that we've gotten the gd library added to your environment and ImpressCMS 1.3.8 was installing, are you using the package for Formulize Standalone to install? If so, remember to modify those files in the install folder to get around this issue.


re: Formulize 5.0 RC1 install issues

Hi Steve.

Yes, I'm using the same environment now in which I have the gd library. I'm installing Formulize Standalone and it's when I get to step 7 of 12 that the above error message appears.

I have all the changes you mentioned previously, and I tried this a number of times just to be sure.

The error message does appear to be something different as well compared to my previous install issue.

-- A side note: Shouldn't the Installer show "Formulize 5 Standalone - Installation Wizard" but instead it shows "Formulize 4 Standalone - Installation Wizard" (to distinguish it's version 5)? Also I couldn't find a "version" file anywhere in the zip files - might be a good idea to have such a thing so that releases can be distinguished.

re: Formulize 5.0 RC1 install issues

The version is found in /include/version.php and needs to be updated in their repository.

Are you having problems at step 7 (install/page_configsave.php)? That is where the config entries are saved to mainfile.php and no DB access is being made.

Step 8 (page_tablescreate.php) is where mainfile.php is being read for the first time after being created. If mainfile.php has been included earlier (in, PHP is pulling the contents from the opcache and not reading those constants for XOOPS_DB_TYPE, defined at line 96 of mainfile.php.

The trunk for Formulize in github has different methods of dealing with the opcache and it has installed on my local machine.

re: Formulize 5.0 RC1 install issues

Hi there Steve.

I just unzipped (again to re-verify), in the file htdocs/include/version.php, line 13 shows:

define('ICMS_VERSION_NAME', 'Formulize 4 Standalone');

I was expecting something like "Formulize 5"... but no big deal. Actually, do you still want me to pursue this install? I was able to install Formulize as a 'module' in my ImpressCMS install that you already helped with.

Or maybe it's good that I continue on this path and see if there is a bug? In that case, maybe i can create a different VM for testing, since I've done a few changes since...

Thanks for following up!