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ORIGINAL MESSAGE, (superseded by the fully functioning tutorial video above):


So a little while ago now, I created some videos and put them on youtube:

They're not quite done in a few ways though:

1.  They're incomplete, there's several other topics that I have planned that should be added

2.  They're incomplete also in that I have four that are too big for youtube, it said that they couldn't be uploaded due to size restrictions.  Please, if anyone has any experience with managing youtube accounts, and getting large videos uploaded, let me know what to do...I really don't want to split the videos into chunks, they already exist nicely as single files, and are only a couple minutes longer than whatever the limit is.

3.  They're intended to go in a certain order, and I plan on linking them all together through a Prezi presentation so they're easier to follow.

But I figured, what the heck, might as well make the link available since solutions to the three problems above have not exactly been forthcoming.

If anyone has insight into the second issue, feedback would be greatly appreciated,  Thanks!




 Many useful videos, great job!

Have you got a size problem, or a length problem.

In the first case, have you tried to use a divx codec, to downsize your video?


Good point, it may be size

So what's the procedure for taking an .avi file and shrinking it like that.  All I have is the .avi files, there's no prior format that I can process again to create something different.


Windows Movie Maker has options for reducing file size

AVI is a pretty raw format. Converting it to mpg or even wmv can reduce the file size.

By changing the dimensions, bitrate, sampling rate and file format, you can reduce the file size. You would have to do a bunch of editing to try to shorten the duration. You could speed up sections that didn't have any speaking for some gains.

Or, there is also software from DivX -




You can use the freeware:"super". You can change all adjustments, without compression.

If you've got a problem, you can send me the file, I'll shrink it for you

Wow, found the simplest answer

After getting no where with several conversion attempts...quality was always really poor afterwards...this looks like the perfect answer, and so easy!  Now I can upload the originals...fingers crossed.


Full set of videos now posted

So, finally, there is a Prezi that embeds all the videos, and links them up in the intended order, so you can follow right through if you want from start to finish.  The original post has been modified. 

It's about 3 or 4 hours if you do the whole things, every video.  I go slowly in a lot of places, in the hopes of making things clear, hopefully it's not especially boring!  ;-)

You can follow the path in the Prezi, and click on only the videos you want to see.  There's lots more topics that could be added in the future.  Such as subforms, relationships, creating custom elements, custom buttons, templating list of entries screens.  But this is the basics, and should be plenty to get anyone started.

Please let us know what you like and don't like about them.  Thanks!


Hey Julian, I know this took

Hey Julian, I know this took a ton of work, and I wanted to make sure I said thank you for it.