I-Menu Causing Problems With My Xoops

The Imenu module I downloaded seems to have a problem. i uploaded the correct files to my modules folder. I noticed that at first when I uploaded all the modules via ftp all the ones uploaded after imenu didn't show but once I removed imenu from the modules folder, they were all showing again. After installing all my other modules and copying imenu to my modules folder for the umpteenth time it didn't show in the system modules installation page. Please could u help, I'm using Xoops 2.0.16 on a linux server and running PHP5 Thanks


RE: I-Menu Causing Problems With My Xoops


I am sorry to hear this. We have never had a report of an issue like this before. I suspect that either the copy you downloaded is not complete, you could try downloading it again. Or there is some interaction effect between iMenu and another module you've got installed? I am really not sure what else to suggest, other than....

I notice that you have referred to the module as I-Menu and Imenu, but neither of those are the correct names. It is iMenu, and the name of the folder must be exactly that. If you have a different folder name, then there certainly would be a problem. But that is true of every XOOPS module, not just this one.


iMenu : compressed code


I have noticed a problem about modules/iMenu/xoops_version.php file.

Code is compressed, too much, <?php tag is collapsed :

In certain circumstances, php code is not recognized and you get a blank page.

Thanks for the tip

Hello, thank you for the report. This could indeed have been the problem in the original post. I thought we had licked all this stuff in the latest code...maybe you grabbed an older copy from xoops.org or something like that? Anyway, I will flag this to make sure we've redone the line endings (again) in the next release. This was a persistent problem in iMenu for a while, but like I said, I think we did just basically retype a bunch of stuff in the last release that should have fixed this on all platforms.

This issue can be easily fixed on any system by simply opening up the affected files and putting line breaks where they should go.

Please let us know if you cannot get this to go away easily. Sorry for the trouble. Thanks for you interest in iMenu.