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A question and a request for you..

1. I NEED to have more than one level of children in my menu. I need to present data as:
| |+1st XV
| |+2nd XV
| |+U6

I managed to create a DHTML mod for iMenu last night (scanked from the Content module's menu system) which works great, only to find out we onmly get one level of kids.. Argh!

Would it be easy to code for this? point me to the right place and I'll have a go as I am desperate for this, I have to get our site running by the ned of the week.

(have a peek: )

2. Request: I would like to be able to specify a *root* element and tell it to discover its children. IE: Perhaps a piece of PHP or something as the *url*. This way I could create a menu:


Then for the children of seniors, I could query Formulize for all teams in the Teams form that have a "GroupName" called "Seniors".

That would be a killer piece of functionality for me. We update the site so regularly with items that pop up under our menu system, and I have to implement it now in the new site.. I am sure I could have a good go at that too.

Any help would be gratefully received. Formulize/Pageworks has really saved me a lot of time on my website, but these couple of things (including the one about News oon my previous post) are starting to cause me some problems.



RE: iMenu / Pageworks / Formulize

Adding code to iMenu to handle a second level of subs would be non-trivial. If you really need three levels in your menu, maybe MultiMenu or another menu module can do that for you?

In theory, all you would have to change in iMenu is on the admin side, where you pick the parent, you would have to allow the choosing of items that have a parent of their own (I think they do not show up in the list right now). And then in the code for the admin side that displays the full menu for editing, you would have to have logic that understood how to render second level subs. You would have to alter the up/down code for moving items around in the menu, so that it knew to only move things within their own level (and items from higher levels would know how to jump over sublevels when being moved up or down).

And on the actual block display side, you would have to also add in code to handle how to display the third level.

So not easy. Not impossible. But more than half an hour's work, that's for sure.



RE: iMenu / Pageworks / Formulize

Alas I fear I will have to have a go at it, as I have tried the other menus and was not really that impressed with them, and although they have some of the functionality required, I have now taken the time to make a dhtml popout templte for the iMenu and its simplicity is what makes it useful to me (I will be letting non ntechnical users loose on it soon).

I will take a shot at doing it and it if works will post it back for you to include if you wish inside the main module.