Problem installing reg codes on xoops 2.3.1

Hi can anyone help?

I have just downloaded and installed Formulize_3.0_RC1 to xoops 2.3.1. I also downloaded Reg_Codes_3.0_RC1 and followed all the instructions in the read me file.

When trying to install Reg_Codes_3.0_RC1 I get the following message:
Unable to install reg_codes. Error(s):

Installing Registration Codes

users is a reserved table!
Can anyone help?

Below are my system settings:
System Overview «

XOOPS Version - XOOPS 2.3.1
PHP Version - 5.2.5
MySQL Version - 5.0.51a-community
Server API Version - apache2handler
OS Version - Linux

safe_mode - Off
register_globals - Off
magic_quotes_gpc - On
allow_url_fopen - On
fsockopen - On
allow_call_time_pass_reference - On
post_max_size - 55M
max_input_time - -1
output_buffering -
max_execution_time - 30
memory_limit - 32M
file_uploads - On
upload_max_filesize - 2M


Re: Problem installing reg codes on xoops 2.3.1

Hello, thank you for your interest in Formulize.

I have not used XOOPS 2.3.x but my understanding is that is merges 2.2 features with 2.0.x features of XOOPS, and I thought 2.2 had a custom profile feature, so that may be better in some cases than Registration Codes (which also provides a custom profile, and I think many people use it for that reason alone...though I don't know if that's why you're using it of course).

Anyway, if you need Registration Codes for the actual registration codes themselves, ie: the feature of pre-approving users, well, the bad news is that it almost certainly doesn't work with 2.3.x. As the readme says, there are likely to be compatibility issues. I guess you found one.

The specific issue you've found is that the users table cannot be modified by the module installation routine, which is an interesting precaution in the core. And actually affects the 2.0.x core too.

So thank you very much for reporting this, we have updated the SQL file in the .zip package. You can redownload the .zip, or you can simply remove the alter table statement from the end of the reg_codes\sql\sql.sql file you already have.

Then it should install OK. However, I expect there will be many other issues you will find with 2.3.x, starting with the core patch files that are include with reg_codes. They are made for the 2.0.x version of XOOPS and I expect the corresponding files in 2.3.x are quite different. Nonetheless, you can certainly try them and see how it goes. There's no other way to know for sure. Backup your originals first!

Sorry I don't have better news. Thank you very much for posting. Let us know how it goes and if we can be of further help.


Re: Problem installing reg codes on xoops 2.3.1

Hi Julian,
Thanks for that. The change to the sql file worked.
I have not tried to load the replacement core_patch_files, but the modue does seem to be working. I'll keep you posted.