Problems with iMenu with Xoops 2.5

I am trying to use iMenu with Xoops 2.5 and it does not expand the links out.

The Parent links work but any child links don't work at all.

Would appreciate if you can look into this and fix it.



Do you mean the child links don't appear when you hover?

The child links in iMenu are meant to appear only when you click on the parent link and are on the page that the parent link goes to. Then the menu itself will be longer, after the page has loaded. If you're looking for hovering, you won't find it by default, although you can turn on an option in the iMenu preferences to always send all menu items to the template, and then you have to style the menu differently so you get hover effects.

If you could clarify what you mean by "does not expand the links out" I could be more specific.


Problems with 2.5

Yes the child links do not work at all under xoops 2.5.

I could only see the parent links no matter what I did.

I have not looked at the code at all. Are you using Jquery or anything?

2.5 of xoops has jquery as part of the distribution.


Seems to work, could be a redirection going on?


I've tested this in XOOPS 2.5 now, and everything seems to be working. I am wondering if it's related to some CSS your site might be using?

Also, if the parent menu item links to a page that redirects, then that would screw up iMenu's interpretation of what part of the menu you're in, would be wrong. ie: if you have a parent menu item that is "/user.php" (the XOOPS user profile page), well that URL redirects you to userinfo.php and iMenu would check the current URL against the list of menu items, and it would think that you're not in that part of the menu, because there isn't a match. You can handle this by adding "/userinfo.php" as a hidden sub menu link in that part of the menu, so it won't display to users, but it will trigger iMenu into thinking that you're in that part of the menu when you're at that URL.

I'm not sure if this helps at all...the issue may be specific to something in your installation. I tested on the final XOOPS 2.5, grabbed off today.

If you can provide more details of exactly what your menu items are, maybe that would shed some light on this. Also check the page source/markup. Maybe the items are there, but the browser is not showing them because of CSS or something else?