Registration Form Option Won't Show


I followed all the instructions and went over them again and can't figure it out. I'm guessing I missed something but if someone might know what I may have missed, that would help a lot.

When I go too Formulize - Preferences, the "Which form is to be used as part of the registration process..." doesn't show up.

I did the core files and updated the module after creating the registration form.



RE: Registration Form Option Won't Show

FYI: I re-went through all steps in readme's for formulize as well as reg codes modules, re-updated both as well as system module several times.

I have xoops 2.0.14 on a server that has reg codes working (wonderfully, yay!).

Here is a list of modules:
System Admin: 1.02
Forum: 3.05
Polls: 1
Protector: 2.57 (tried disabling, no effect)
PiCal: 0.87
SmartSection 1.05
WordPress 2.04
WeBlog: 1.41
I-Menu 2.1
Wiwi: 0.8
MyAlbum-P: 2.87
AMS: 2.41
Formulize: 2
Reg Codes: 2.1
News: 1.44

If any print-screens are needed, let me know. Thanks! (Help!!!!)

RE: Registration Form Option Won't Show

Hi there, sorry to hear you're having trouble.

If you have updated Formulize after creating the form you want to use as the registration form, then it should show up, there's no reason to think it won't.

So I'm wondering if you're using the latest version of Formulize? What you need is 2.1 RC1, which is available for download here (if you got it from another source, it could be old -- and you only say you're using Formulize 2, not 2.1 so maybe that's it?).

You can check in the xoops_version.php file and see if there is a block of code that looks like this:

// $xoopsModuleConfig['profileForm']
$modversion['config'][6]['name'] = 'profileForm';
$modversion['config'][6]['title'] = '_MI_formulize_PROFILEFORM';
$modversion['config'][6]['description'] = '';
$modversion['config'][6]['formtype'] = 'select';
$modversion['config'][6]['valuetype'] = 'int';
$modversion['config'][6]['default'] = '0';
// get all the available forms and populate the options array
// this is not permission controlled yet -- should make use of the edit_form permission perhaps
global $xoopsDB;
$getFormsSQL = "SELECT id_form, desc_form FROM " . $xoopsDB->prefix("formulize_id");
$resFormsSQL = $xoopsDB->query($getFormsSQL);
$pformoptions["-------------"] = 0;
while($resArray = $xoopsDB->fetchArray($resFormsSQL)) {
$pformoptions[$resArray['desc_form']] = $resArray['id_form'];
$modversion['config'][6]['options'] = $pformoptions;

If there is no such code block, that explains the problem -- update to 2.1 RC1. If there is such a code block, then I really don't know what to say; it should be working.

Does this help?


RE: Registration Form Option Won't Show

Hi Julian.

Yes! That did it. What a relief. I am so glad that did it. I don't know how I got the older version as I had the newer one installed on the other account.

Anyways, back in action! Yay!