Search for record/elements based on condition


I’m currently trying to create a "Study management system" using formulize. I have one main form called: Study. It contains the following elements: study code, product name, start date, end date, location, PM name and Coordinators name. The study form works perfectly and I’m happy with how it turned out (Thank you Julian for the amazing Formulize tutorial video – without the video I would be completely lost!).

I've created another form called: coordinator schedule and linked it to the study code from the Study form. The study code in the coordinator schedule form is a dropdown box. What I would like to do is when the user selects the desired study code I want to pull some of the fields/elements (e.g: product name, location, PM name and start date and end date). Allowing the user to view the fields/elements that are associated with that study (study code) and then have them fill out only the necessary fields (e.g. coordinator initial project start date/time and total time worked). I know; sounds easy enough, but I don’t know how pull this of.
I’m thinking this might be done using the “formula for generating values” – but so far no success. Any help will be greatly appreciated (even directing me to a another post or other materials)