Templates, show the Form vs. List of Entries

Peekay wrote:

Very excited about this module, but have a couple of queries.

I set up an application form for anonymous users and they were always presented with the form when they selected it in the form-menu block. Worked a treat.

Next, I decided to change the form so only registered users could access it. However, when they press the link in the form menu block, they see the form management options, not a form.

The management options are really cool (people can see what they have submitted) but... it's a bit confusing. Several people I showed this to started to complete the fields which are in fact column search fields.

I need to highlight the 'Add One Entry' button so that first-time users understand what to do. Problem is, I don't see any templates?

Do I need to mess with the PHP files?

The only part of Formulize that is templated is the calendar, that is generated by the the displayCalendar function in Pageworks.

Whether users see the form or see the list of entries is generally controlled by whether you give them groupscope or globalscope, or neither. And it is also affected by whether the form allows the user to make multiple entries or not.

If a form is set to more than one entry per user, then they see the list of entries screen.

If a form is set to one entry per user (or group), then they see the form.

However, if a form is normally set up for one entry per user, but the user has groupscope or globalscope permission, which allows them to see entries made by other users, then they see the list of entries screen by default, even though the form is a one-entry-per-user form.

You can override these things using Pageworks and the displayForm and displayEntries functions. And there is an override parameter for displayForm that lets you override the default one-entry-per-user or more-than-one-entry-per-user settings.

Full details on the functions are provided in the "Using Formulize..." PDF.

Does this help?

One of the big things we want to achieve in the next major release is attaching different "screens" to each form, and then letting people choose what menu options lead to what screens.