RegCodes and Profile mod

Hi, I have recently setup my site with XOOPS (the latest 1, 2.3.? I think) and have installed the profile mod that comes with it as default and got it setup exactly as I want it.

I have installed RegCodes, but can't figure out how to get it to display an area for the code when registering. So, is it possible to use RegCodes with the default profile mod, or do I have to use formulize, or look for an alternative to RegCodes?



Re: RegCodes and Profile mod

Hello, thank you for your interest.

I expect everything in the 2.2 and 2.3 versions of XOOPS is quite different from 2.0, and Registration Codes is specifically designed for integration with 2.0.

However, it should not be too difficult to write alternate core patch files that would integrate with Registration Codes so that it could work with 2.3. The key thing would be altering the register.php file in the root of your installation, or whatever the new file is that handles registrations. The Registration Codes module itself, in terms of creating and managing codes, should not need to change (unless there are big backwards compatibility issues between XOOPS 2.3 and 2.0, which there aren't supposed to be...but I have heard there are).

If you have some PHP skills or someone available who does, and you would like to put the time into that, I would be happy to provide some details of what would be required to alter the register.php file. It's not difficult conceptually speaking.

Sorry I don't have better news. I hope this helps clarify things at least.


Re: RegCodes and Profile mod

Thanks for the quick reply Julian.

I feared as much. Fortunately I have a quite a while until the site goes live so there may be some updates before then either in XOOPS or other modules.

Am I right to assume that RegCodes is not being developed to integrate with the latest version of XOOPS and the default profile module?

For you info, generation of codes and the basic module, preferences, user management, etc all seem to work as intended in the lastest XOOPS, just seem unable to add the code to the registration form, well, not easily anyway.


We haven't started using 2.3 yet

I'm glad to hear that the other features of Reg Codes are working OK in 2.3, that's a good sign.

We have not started using 2.3 with any of our clients, and I have not investigated the codebase yet. But that doesn't mean it's not going to happen. We haven't dropped support for XOOPS, we just haven't moved up to the 2.3 codebase yet. Unfortunately for users, the 2.3 codebase seems to not be 100% compatible with modules from the 2.0.x branch, and with ImpressCMS continuing to evolve that branch, this fork in the community does present a dilemma.

Once we've had a chance to compare the latest ImpressCMS and XOOPS 2.3 codebases in more detail, we'll be able to make some official decisions about what it makes sense for us to support, since unfortunately it looks like we may not be able to support both any longer, without doubling our effort.

Time will tell.

I eagerly await the posting of the video of my presentation at the FSOSS conference this year, in which I basically rant against the kind of proprietary lock in these systems are forcing on their users, and make a plea for a better way (which I think Formulize exemplifies quite nicely). But the video is not posted yet. :-(