Imenu and pageworks mods not showing

Imenu not showing in the admin after I moved site onto a linux box. I developed in windows now I try to move site to linux, site says files not found, in windows it used to run ok. Same happens to pageworks. I tried reinstalling but the module not showing the images for installing, just shows the module name "
iMenu" text. The same shows for pageworks. I using the latest versions.

any help?




It is known to work on Linux...

This is very is known to work in Linux of course. Things to check include that all the files uploaded to the server correctly, and that the images are actually there.

When you move a site, you have to change the XOOPS_ROOT_PATH and XOOPS_URL parameters in the mainfile.php. But that has nothing to do with Formulize per se.

Do other modules also not show up as installable?


Hi Julian, I did try

Hi Julian,

I did try installing a fresh copy of imenu but no luck. I will look a mainfile.php then get back to you.


Grasping at straws

Hi there,

The thing is, if the XOOPS_ROOT_PATH and XOOPS_URL are wrong, the whole site would be broken. So this is really grasping at straws. I'm happy to take a peek if you want to share the credentials. In this case, FTP access would be helpful for debugging.