formulize - form creation and reports on the web

Formulize is software that lets you quickly create forms and reports in your website. Formulize lets you tailor how the forms behave and how they're related, to fit your own users and situations. It's a powerful 'ad hoc' form creation tool — create what you want, when you want, in the way you want.


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  • Formulize can be used by non-programmers, so any webmaster can use it
  • Formulize has advanced options to control how a form should behave, how it relates to other forms, and who should be able to interact with it in what way
  • Formulize can be deployed as a module in the ImpressCMS or XOOPS website platforms, or it can be deployed "standalone" for use with Drupal or any other website system that allows custom PHP commands in pages
  • Formulize is open source software (GPL 2), so it comes free of charge, and free from restrictions on how you can use it

You could think of Formulize as a CMS (content management system) for forms and data. A traditional CMS lets you edit and manage the content of your website all from within your web browser. Formulize lets you manage forms and the rules and procedures for filling them in and for working with the data. It's like having a CMS where you can change how your website works, not just the content in it. We call that CMS 2.0. ;-) Formulize lets you control who sees which entries in a form, and what they can do with them. Formulize also lets you relate entries in one form to entries in another. You can even create special views and screens that showcase particular data, or give people customized access to information.

Screenshot of a User Profile application created in Formulize, with all interface options turned on...just make up the questions you want in your form, and the same kind of screen is automatically made for you. You can also customize which interface options you want people to see on the screen.

Connect your data to your world

■ integrate with your website
■ personalize access
■ customize workflows
■ made for nonprofits