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What is Formulize?


  • Create any kind of database application
  • 1 form, 10 forms, 100 forms, of all kinds
  • Browse your data using a flexible search, sorting and reporting interface
  • Import from, and export to Google Sheets, Excel...


  • Join your forms together in whatever ways you need
  • Control who can interact with which forms and which data
  • Publish customized, searchable reports, to some or all of your users
  • Do it all with your mouse, no programming required


  • Connect third party tools directly to your database if necessary
  • Embed Formulize in your website, or run it as a standalone application
  • Runs on PHP and MySQL/MariaDB
  • Completely free, and fully open source (GPL 2)

Getting Started

1. Download the latest release
2. Setup a local development environment
3. Or deploy to a live website